saurian [{{t}}'sɔ:rɪən]
1 adjective
2 noun
saurien m

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  • saurian — SAURIÁN, saurieni, s.m. (La pl.) Ordin de reptile cu pielea acoperită de solzi cornoşi şi cu coada de obicei lungă, care cuprinde şopârlele şi cameleonii; (şi la sg.) reptilă care face parte din acest ordin. [pr.: sa u ri an] – Din fr. saurien.… …   Dicționar Român

  • Saurian — Sau ri*an, a. (Zo[ o]l.) Of or pertaining to, or of the nature of, the Sauria. n. One of the Sauria. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Saurian — Saurian, ein rother Cettewein …   Pierer's Universal-Lexikon

  • saurian — reptile of the order Sauria, 1807, from Mod.L. sauria the order of reptiles, from Gk. sauros lizard, probably related to saulos twisting, wavering. Sauropod is 1891, from Mod.L. sauropoda (O.C. Marsh, 1884), second element from Gk. pous foot (see …   Etymology dictionary

  • saurian — ► ADJECTIVE ▪ of or like a lizard …   English terms dictionary

  • saurian — [sôr′ē ən] n. [< SAURO + IAN] LIZARD adj. of, or having the characteristics of, lizards …   English World dictionary

  • saurian — noun Etymology: New Latin Sauria, from New Latin saurus lizard, from Greek sauros Date: 1824 any of a suborder (Sauria) of reptiles including the lizards and in older classifications the crocodiles and various extinct forms (as the dinosaurs and… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • saurian — /sawr ee euhn/, adj. 1. belonging or pertaining to the Sauria, a group of reptiles originally including the lizards, crocodiles, and several extinct forms but now technically restricted to the lizards. 2. resembling a lizard. n. 3. a saurian… …   Universalium

  • saurian — /ˈsɔriən / (say sawreeuhn) adjective 1. belonging or relating to the Sauria, a group of reptiles originally including the lizards, crocodiles, etc., but now technically restricted to the lizards or lacertilians and more commonly known as the… …   Australian English dictionary

  • saurian — 1. noun /ˈsɔː.ɹi.ən,ˈsɔɹ.i.ən,ˈsɑɹ.i.ən/ A reptile of the suborder Sauria; a lizard. After dinner we all went on deck and watched the unfamiliar scenes of a Capronian nightthat is, all but von Schoenvorts. There was less to see than to hear. From …   Wiktionary

  • saurian — sau·ri·an || sɔːrɪən n. animal belonging to the family of lizards and dinosaurs adj. resembling a lizard; from the family of lizards and dinosaurs (Zoology) …   English contemporary dictionary

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